HRM tip of the Week

May we propose a new definition for Revman? (pun)

(i) ensuring the systems/software does what it’s supposed to..
(ii) fighting OTAs’ autonomous discounting!

Below are some encounters we had with different OTA’s recently: offers 5% discount – they offer rate reductions “at no extra cost to property”

Seemingly a 5 or 6% cut into their own commission

They claim that this is due to discrepancies found and this also affects the property score offers special booking conditions

Cancelations exceptions that are enabled in the extranet

Allowing guests to book without credit card Date changes for NRF bookings

Guests are then able to reschedule if their plans change

When we enquired about both this, They claim its system error

Expedia offers corporate rate campaign to public

A rate plan not to affect public rates

Continuous issues with Agoda

  • Coupons – back and forth requests to pause
  • Coupons applied on affiliate partner rates
  • Agoda displays YCS rates and inventory – still coupons are offered when advised “we have no coupons displayed” and receive confirmation coupon paused approved
  • Agoda generic response Coupons and gift cards are Agoda’s own marketing tools to boost production and will not harm the partner’s net rates, its intended for the customer
  • Agoda low rate – Agoda responded, Mobile and Agoda private sale are always stacked on promotion, below example
  • Affiliate partner inventory(Hotelbeds/ – discounted rate offered to guest, guest books on Agoda and hotel receives Hotelbeds/ booking confirmation
  • 10% Mobile offer loaded – Agoda offered 11%(response received minimum 11% required)  – currently active at 10% after numerous emails

The above are continuous issues that we have to deal with and having to explain to clients, so be on the lookout or chat to us today by mailing or call +27 21 551 7440

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