Revenue Management

In line with the rapidly changing nature of the revenue management for hotels and within the hospitality industry as a whole, we offer a variety of services and packages designed to provide you with the very best solution according to your specific needs

Core Services:

  • Offline Revenue Management
  • Online Revenue Management
  • Frontline Revenue Management
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) Connectivity & Management
  • Channel Connectivity & Management
  • Online Travel Agents Management (business to customer)
  • Online Travel Agents Management (business to business)
  • Website Booking Engine Connectivity & Management
  • Meta Search Engine Management & Connectivity (with direct book-ability)
  • Revenue Management Training
  • Hotel Management

Service Packages:

  • Full Revenue Management (online and offline)
  • Online Revenue Management (OTAs, Meta Search, GDS, etc)
  • Fixed Term Revenue Management
  • STO Management
  • Revenue Manager Recruitment
  • Departmental Profit Audits
  • Revenue Management Introductory Training

To find out more about the services and packages offered by Hotel Revenue Management, simply email , or give us a call directly on +27 (0) 744 90 77 11.