‘Insights’ by www.hotel-revenue-manager.com

We know of historic benchmarking by occupancy, ARR and RevPAR by STR for example. Whilst this data is invaluable we cannot actually ‘do anything about it’ but hope we performed satisfactory. If we did good we boast about it, and if we didn’t do so good we find a hundred reasons why not. This data gives us a full picture, not per market segment but the property as a whole. The tracking indicates per day and have a moving average over the month indicating peaks and valleys.

What if you could see 3 months ahead?

Well now you can !*

Introducing ‘Insights’ by www.hotel-revenue-manager.com: see your area’s median for the next 3 months by:

  • ARR, Occ and RevPAR.
  • see trends
  • see peaks and valleys
  • see general demand
  • compare to your forward book and take early action

This valuable data will enable you to:

  • set sales & marketing action based on specific periods
  • distinguish between property specific peaks and area peaks (prevent outpricing)
  • make truly informed price point decisions
  • get a competitive advantage based on market insights
  • see your performance vs the market for known demand or event periods
  • identify shortfalls when your property trend below the area
  • increase revenue if you are selling too low and leaving money on the table
  • assist with forecasts and budgets
  • identify trends and optimal pricing

Rate shoppers only show you half the picture, get the full insight now!

call Jaco on 074 490 7711 / 021 551 7440 or email jaco@hotel-revenue-manager.com


*available in CPT metro only  (remaining metros under development)