Winter Trading – areas of actions. Do you have a plan?

We’re at that point again where demand drops heavily and we need to initiate plan of action for the winter months.

We share a few helpful tips below


  1. Revert to a Lenient cancellation policy
  2. Do not decline, lose, regret, or refuse any booking
        • upgrade where there are availability issues,
        • downgrade where there are rate limits
        • Negotiate where there are budget limitations
        • Bottom line do not lose anything that comes in (phone/walk in / call in /etc)


  1. Database – mails to database every 2 weeks
  2. Top producers
  • Call and remind of lower winter offers
  • Ask if any upcoming accommodation requirements
  • Top of mind awareness
  1. Paid search:
  •  Google ads with winter deals
  1. Events
  • Contact organizers and see if you can feature or offer deal


  • Offer longer stays
  • Meeting and report back as to what worked and what didn’t

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional info!

Your Revenue Team 🙂

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